"SIA Dižmežs". is wood processing mill specialised on the processing of Birch lumber since 1996. The sawmill is followed by dimension mill where planed & profiled dimension parts and furniture components are being manufactured. "Dižmežs" continuously provides its customers with wide range of high quality products in Birch supplying it's customer in US, European and Asian countries.

Our main production line is kiln dried and planed/profiled dimension parts and components. From time to time though we supply our customers with just sawn lumber or specialties like for example finest Birch lumber in large dimensions, logs for the production of sliced veneers, etc.

We are proud to announce the fact that we are using “ NON WASTE” technology in our mill. All the woodwaste is utilised by either making wood briquettes for heating purpose or using the woodwaste as the fuel in our own boiler plant to get a heat for our kiln drying facilities.

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