» Wood Briquettes

Briquettes are the product that help us to take care of nature by using a “non-waste technology” in our mill. All possible wood residues including slabs, sawdust, planer shavings and sanding dust that we are getting from the production of basic products are processed in to briquettes and that quite naturally closes the production cycle.

Our briquettes are 100% Birch and their performance is much better in comparison with same type softwood ones by meaning 20-25% longer burning time. Please have a look on the original test results of our Birch briquettes.


8,5 kg bags with handle. 100 bags per pallet.


10 kg bags, 96 bags per pallet.


22 kg bags. 48 bags per pallet.


There has been created a specific packaging for distribution in outlets and petrol station chains. The briquette bag has handle and firing device consisting of matches, Birch bark and solid Birch splinters. You do not need anything else in order to light up the fire in your fireplace in minutes.See picture how it looks like.

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